namasthe: priyadaththa:yaithubhyam de:vi! vasundhare:!thvam ma:tha: sarva bhu:tha:na:mpa:da sparsam kshamaswa me: !! [sanskrit sloka]
Oh! Beloved Mother Earth, you are The Mother of all the mothers. I Worship you always. Pardon me for stepping on you. Pardon my mistakes and bless me, so that none of my activities lead to your insult or harm. Please accept my prayer.

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Join Jeeyar Education Trust (JET) USA in keeping environment clean. Involve in picking litter by taking part in adopting one mile stretch off of Cross Creek Blvd, in New Tampa. 

This activity provides school approved volunteer hours for kids and this would be a recurring event.

Next event : Sunday Feb 25  Starting from 9:30 am

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